Why CSR Matters to the Next Generation of Workers

Mike Blumenthal

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Mike Blumenthal


One of the most common questions I get asked when recruiting or talking with fellow professionals searching for a job is “Why did I choose Bosch?”

This is not a surface-level question. Older generations might have given answers such as "the benefits package," or "the pay is good," or possibly just job security.

What the Millennial generation is seeking for in a career is a bit deeper. Some Millennial answers would be more along the lines of "I find purpose in my work," "the culture at my company keeps me engaged," and quite possibly "the values of the company align with my own."

So let's flashback to this fall at Bosch. The corporate social responsibility department dedicated their efforts to a month-long initiative called "Bosch in the Community Month." The jam-packed month allowed associates to volunteer for charity during work days, attend informational sessions about Bosch's CSR initiatives and participate in a "Thankstoberfest" party. They had giveaways where 16 associates were allotted money to donate to a charity of their choice.

Additionally, about 175 Bosch associates gathered at Gleaners Community Food Bank in Detroit on two days throughout the month to simply give time. As a young professional with less money than a seasoned veteran and lots of time on my hands, the most rewarding thing I can do for the community is give my time. The Gleaners days are just an example of countless volunteer days across the country where Bosch associates are encouraged to give back time to the local community during normal business hours.

Bosch gives back more than just time:
One of the most interesting topics that Brad McKenna and his CSR team informed Bosch associates about throughout the month was the Bosch Community Fund (BCF).

The Bosch Community Fund contributes up to $5 million each year to non-profits and charities across the United States. Citing one of the many informative posters at the North American headquarters: "The Bosch Community Fund has donated more than $4 Million to local nonprofits in Southeast Michigan since 2012."

Furthermore, local Bosch associates in southeast Michigan have donated more than $500,000 to support local charities over the last three years. Bosch gives associates the option to donate right out of their paycheck!

So why did I choose to work for Bosch? Because they empower associates to make a difference in the community while maintaining a reputation for quality, professional development and sustainability.

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