Improving our natural resources

Improving the quality of our natural resources

A main source of pollution in our rivers is storm water runoff, which is full of contaminants and debris from roofs, lawn fertilizer, roads, and parking lots. Rain gardens help reduce the amount of pollution in the water by acting as a barrier between storm water runoff and these rivers. Rain gardens are most effective when planted with native plant species because they: thrive in local conditions, support indigenous wildlife, and have a deep root system to absorb storm water runoff. Invasive species inevitably grow in the rain gardens, but are damaging because they hinder the growth of beneficial native species.

The Rouge River runs through the most densely populated portions of Michigan making it most susceptible to environmental degradation. Bosch has been an active partner with Friends of the Rouge for 13 years to help restore and maintain the river’s native ecosystem. Most recently, more than 40 associates came together to remove invasive species from rain gardens around the Rouge River. Through this partnership, Bosch is demonstrating a commitment to improve the environment so that families can continue to enjoy the scenery and wildlife surrounding our natural resources.