United Way


In 1887, five Denver residents recognized the need to work together in new ways to make the community a better place. Out of this need, the United Way was born as a way to unite services and support systems for people in the community. Bosch believes the same still holds true in communities today and has chosen to partner with United Way across the country. With the goals of removing barriers to education, increasing financial independence and improving people’s health, Bosch and associates provide financial contributions and volunteer hours, and lend their skills to United Way.

In Detroit, Bosch associates provide expertise in lean processes and continuous improvement to help United Way partner Gleaners Community Food Bank. As a result, the time it takes to instruct volunteers has been reduced 67 percent, from 45 minutes to 15 minutes per session. And for Gleaners - which relies on 48,000 volunteer hours a year - that has significant lasting impact. In addition, improvements in quality and ergonomics have made it easier and safer for volunteers and staff. These contributions ultimately lead to the organization being able to reallocate hours and increase their overall effectiveness in the community.